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£239.00 + VAT/tax



The RockBLOCK+ is ideal for use outdoors. The same features as the RockBLOCK Naked, but in a strong IP68 enclosure. It has a 3m 7-core cable for connectivity via UART/RS-232, with 8-32v power input.

  • Plug and play satellite communication
  • Rugged IP68 waterproof enclosure
  • Full 2-way communication system
  • Integrated antenna and power conditioning (8-32v)
  • UART or RS-232 communication
  • Truly Global operation, pole to pole
  • Data via e-mail or directly to your web-service

The RockBLOCK+ allows you to send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky. It works far beyond the reach of WiFi and GSM networks. It works on the top of Mount Everest. It works in the middle of the Sahara Dessert. It works at the North Pole. And the South Pole too. It works in the middle of any Ocean.

Maybe you want to transmit weather information from mid-ocean? Or use it to control your robot in the middle of the dessert? Perhaps you need to communicate in an emergency, when other networks might not be available? RockBLOCK+ can help you.

The RockBLOCK+ consists of a rugged enclosure 'dome' which includes all of the power conditioning, Iridium antenna, and Iridium modem. From the unit comes a 2m 7-core cable which provides power input (8-32v), RS-232/UART data connection, plus other signal lines such as RingAlert and Sleep.

Line Rental and Credits are purchased via our online management system once you receive the unit and your login.

Line rental is paid in blocks of 1 month, and allows the RockBLOCK to exchange information with the Iridium satellite network. You only pay for months in which you wish to use the RockBLOCK. No annual contract is required. Line rental costs £12.00 per month

Credits are used each time you transmit. 1 credit is used per 50 characters sent or received. 1 credit is also used if you check your mailbox and there are no messages waiting (A mailbox check). Credits do not expire unless you do not use your account at all for 12 months.

Bundle per Credit Bundle Price
50 Credits £0.14 £7.00
100 Credits £0.13 £13.00
200 Credits £0.11 £22.00
500 Credits £0.10 £50.00
1000 Credits £0.09 £90.00
2000 Credits £0.08 £160.00
5000 Credits £0.07 £350.00
10000 Credits £0.06 £600.00
20000 Credits £0.045 £900.00

Note, for customers with large numbers of devices, we do offer other types of Iridium data plans such as postpaid and pooled data options where the pay-as-you-go offerings above may not be appropriate or desired. Please contact us for more information

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    Additional Metre of Cable

    £4 + VAT/tax