RockFLEET Corporate

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RockFLEET Corporate

£529.00 + VAT/tax



The RockFLEET Corporate - Permanent installation tracking system, with backup battery, and AES-256 encryption.

The RockFLEET Tracker and Two-Way Messenger is a truly global communication device and tracking system.

It is a permanently installed unit which uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit your messages, and your location, from anywhere in the World.

The picture shows the unit mounted on a rail using the optional Rokk Mount, which can be purchased separately

After purchasing a RockFLEET unit you will need to activate it online and purchase credits before the unit will operate. There are two models of the RockFLEET - Professional and Corporate. The Corporate unit adds AES-256 encryption, but otherwise both units are identical in features.

  • IP68 Waterproofing - Can be submerged up to 5m for 8 hours
  • Sends tracking positions, and allows text-based email/SMS messaging
  • Small 13-cm diameter dome
  • Easy to mount using the Rokk rail mount
  • Over-the-air reconfiguration of key parameters
  • Truly Global Operation, using the Iridium satellite network
  • Will operate on any voltage from 9-30v
  • Backup battery allows operation for up to 2 weeks with no external power
  • AES-256 encryption (Corporate Model only)
  • Bluetooth LE for advanced messaging and local configuration

Note, your iPhone/iPad/Android must support Bluetooth LE to be able to work with the accompanying RockCONNECT app for initial configuration and advanced messaging.

More detailed information about the product is available here

Once you have purchased your RockFLEET, there are two running costs which you need to pay. These are paid online, via the Core admin system.

Monthly Line Rental – £17 per month per device (add £10 per month if you choose the GSM add-on)

You only need to pay line rental for the months where you wish to use the RockFLEET. There are no annual contracts with a RockFLEET.

Credits are used each time you transmit.

  • 1 credit is used per position report.
  • 1 credit is used per 50 characters sent or received.
  • 1 extra credit is used for delivery to a mobile phone / SMS destination.
  • 1 credit is used per ‘mailbox check’ (this feature is turned off by default, since whenever the unit sends a normal position report it will automatically check for new messages at no extra charge.)
  • Credits do not expire unless you do not use your account at all for 12 months

Bundle per Credit Bundle Price
50 Credits £0.14 £7.00
100 Credits £0.13 £13.00
200 Credits £0.11 £22.00
500 Credits £0.10 £50.00
1000 Credits £0.09 £90.00
2000 Credits £0.08 £160.00
5000 Credits £0.07 £350.00
10000 Credits £0.06 £600.00
20000 Credits £0.045 £900.00

Note, for customers with large numbers of devices, we do offer other types of Iridium data plans such as postpaid and pooled data options where the pay-as-you-go offerings above may not be appropriate or desired. Please contact us for more information

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    Rokk Mount for RockFLEET

    £39 + VAT/tax
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    Flat Steel Mount for RockFLEET

    £15 + VAT/tax
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    Additional Metre of Cable

    £4 + VAT/tax