Reselling Our Products

Around 50% of our sales are made through resellers across the World. We have a network of valued partners who sell our equipment - some are specialists in tracking, and will therefore only sell tracking products, whereas others might sell our full range of both tracking and M2M/IoT equipment. We have a few key requirements of our partners:

  • You must be prepared to purchase in volumes of 6+ units at a time
  • We prefer that you are specialists in your field, not just a web-shop for equipment
  • You must be prepared to learn our products and be able to support your customers
  • We invest time and money in our partner network and ensure that we only have a small number in each territory or market. Because of this we need to make sure we choose good long-term partners who will represent us and our products well.

    Iridium VARs

    Although we are an Iridium VAR ourselves, we are very happy for you to sell our products with your own airtime. We will not compete with you, and will support you in your markets with your customers. We work with a large number of other Iridium VARs around the world - your knowledge of your particular territories and markets is important.

    If you have your own monitoring system, you can either have data sent directly to you from Iridium, or for a small fee each month you can use our API to pre-process the data and make integration significantly easier. If you don't have your own monitoring system, you are welcome to use ours and still keep the customer relationship.

    We encourage prospective resellers to get in touch.