• Iridium SBD

    with Amazon AWS & Cloud Services

    SBD is the cost effective way to communicate
    with your remote equipment, wherever it is.

    We can help you get your Iridium SBD data into the
    Cloud for analysis and processing.

Iridium SBD and Amazon AWS

When a low speed satellite messaging service meets modern application design, world’s collide.

Your software engineers work with amazing scalable serverless technologies - queues, lambda functions and orchestrated containers. Nobody wants to deal with TCP sockets, byte-arrays and proprietary protocols - that should be part of the value that your partner adds, so that you can focus on what makes your IoT application unique.

Rock 7 are the only Iridium Service Provider who will deliver your SBD data directly to and from your own Amazon SQS queues. We provide a CloudFormation stack which creates your queues and takes care of crossaccount permissions

Ok, we mis-spoke, you may need to mangle byte arrays to make the most of SBD, but we can offer some help with that. We’re really good at squeezing data into a small space.

Why not get in touch to find out how we can help get your Iridium SBD data into your Cloud

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    High Altitude Rocket - The Register

    RockBlock/SBD was used as a command and control module, to enable the ground team to send commands to the high altitude rocket when out of GSM coverage

  • Kraken
    Ocean Drifter Buoy

    The pupils at Sutton Grammar School made an ocean drifter to to measure wave parameters and currents. RockBLOCK/SBD sends the data back from the middle of the ocean.

  • High Altitude Balloon
    with Arduino and GPS

    Andrew Ashe together with Mikal Hart (author of the fantastic IridiumSBD library for Arduino) has successfully tracked a balloon, and been able to recover its payload thanks to RockBLOCK.