Case Study

RockSTAR & Marine Security

In the Anti-Piracy and Marine Security world, it's vitally important to know the situation of your remote teams.

You cannot rely on the communication facilities aboard the vessels you are protecting, both for privacy reasons and in case of possible compromise.

We provide RockSTAR units to a large number of marine security and anti-piracy firms worldwide. It provides accurate tracking, allowing the position of your teams/vessels to be monitored whilst in transit, and also gives a secure and private means of communication for the onboard team leader.

In Depth

Typically, when marine security teams deploy on-board a vessel, they take a RockSTAR device with them. Before the start of the transit the unit is turned on, and will start transmitting a position fix once per hour (or whatever the customer chooses).

Back at HQ, the customer uses The CORE to monitor the positions of all their teams/vessels.

In the case of an emergency, the RockSTAR unit can be used to alert HQ, using either the dedicated red button, or better using the messaging facilities to indicate the type of alert, and any other relevant details.

The RockSTAR's means of communication is completely separate from the vessel, so even if power is turned off aboard, the RockSTAR will continue to operate. It can be sent a command to go into 'stealth mode' which means that the screen and LED are turned off - the unit continues to operate as normal, but it looks as though the battery has run out - useful if compromised.

  • Up to 3 month battery life, transmitting every hour
  • Portable, and can be covertly mounted
  • Two-way messaging between teams and HQ
  • Access to 'The CORE' for management across all deployed teams
  • Various alert options including red button, timer alert, dead man's switch etc.
  • Pay only when the units are being used at sea, no annual contracts
In summary, the RockSTAR is a private means of communication and tracking between the marine security company and the teams on the vessel. It is robust, reliable and well used in the industry.