Case Study

RockSTAR & Horticulturalists / Remote Workers

This might seem like an odd fit for a tracking product, but it shows the flexibility of the RockSTAR device and the service we offer.

Various horticultural organisations have approached us over the last few years to provide remote worker tracking for their field workers.

A great many research projects take place outside of normal mobile phone (GSM) range, and our devices provide an ideal way to keep in touch with these groups.

In Depth

The trouble with plants is that they grow absolutely everywhere. A great many scientific discoveries have been made by studying plants, and there's an awful lot of the world's surface to cover. Most of it doesn't have any kind of 'conventional' communication infrastructure.

That's where our products kick-in. Iridium is a global satellite network, and it means that you can be guaranteed of coverage anywhere you can see the sky.

From the Amazon basin, to the top of Everest, our products can provide tracking information and two-way communications - vital to keep in touch with your teams in the field.

The RockSTAR can be used to mark 'interesting finds' using the waypoint options, meaning the remote workers can 'tag' locations and come back to them later. Back at HQ, using The CORE you can monitor their progress and see those remotely marked 'tags'.

Our devices can last for months between recharges, and if they do need to be recharged in the field then a standard USB cable is all it takes.

  • Up to 3 month battery life, transmitting every hour
  • Portable, easy to place in a rucksack
  • Two-way messaging between teams and HQ
  • Access to 'The CORE' for management across all deployed teams
  • Various alert options including red button, timer alert, dead man's switch etc.
  • Pay only when the units are being used in the field, no annual contracts
In summary, the RockSTAR is a private means of communication and tracking between you and your remote workers. It is robust and reliable, has a huge battery life, and if necessary is easily charged in the field.