Case Studies

RockSTAR Case Studies

  • Marine Security
    Anti-Piracy and Marine Security

    RockSTAR units are used by marine security teams to provide tracking and secure communications with HQ.

  • Journalism
    Remote Worker Security

    Journalists carry our devices to provide a means of tracking and communication from wherever they are.

  • Horticultural
    Faraway Fieldwork

    Horticulturalists use our devices for their remote workers, to provide field safety, and to mark the position of interesting finds.

RockBLOCK Case Studies

    High Altitude Rocket - The Register

    RockBlock was used as a command and control module, to enable the ground team to send commands to the high altitude rocket when out of GSM coverage

  • Kraken
    Ocean Drifter Buoy

    The pupils at Sutton Grammar School made an ocean drifter to to measure wave parameters and currents. RockBLOCK sends the data back from the middle of the ocean.

  • High Altitude Balloon
    with Arduino and GPS

    Andrew Ashe together with Mikal Hart (author of the fantastic IridiumSBD library for Arduino) has successfully tracked a balloon, and been able to recover its payload thanks to RockBLOCK.