New Data Communication Module for RockFLEET

  • November 27, 2014

Rock Seven, the established manufacturer of Iridium-based satellite tracking & communication systems and airtime provider has introduced a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data communication module for its RockFLEET vessel tracking system. The module adds new possibilities for improving vessel operations through the use of data to i.e. reduce fuel consumption or enhance equipment maintenance processes.

Based on Rock Seven’s established RockBLOCK platform, the optional M2M module enables on board equipment to be interfaced with RockFLEET, allowing two way data transfer between vessel and shore. It can be used for low-cost delivery of data such as vessel telemetry or condition monitoring, or for more intelligent operations such as initiating automatic alerts based on environmental conditions.

“It’s vital to know where all ships in your fleet are at any one time, but it’s also becoming more important to have data about how your vessels are operating, in order to operate as efficiently as possible,” explains Nick Farrell, Director, Rock Seven. “With our new M2M data module, RockFLEET can provide both position data and any other kind of data required, and can even be used as an intelligent hub for automation on board or on shore.”

With no annual contract and Pay As You Go use, RockFLEET is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of single vessel and entire fleet tracking, supporting ship-owners to increase safety and efficiency through improved fleet management. It provides pole-to-pole global position data using the Iridium Short Data Burst’ (SBD) capability.

“RockFLEET requires no annual contract and operates on a Pay As You Go basis, with each location, or M2M data transmission costing as little as £0.03. This makes it a low-cost option for accurate global vessel tracking and lower-bandwidth data transmission for any application the user needs,” adds Farrell. “The idea is well proven with applications as diverse as ocean-going environmental sensor buoys, low-earth-orbit balloon flights and remote engine servicing telemetry. We know there are a multitude of possibilities this product opens up for the marine industry, and we’re keen to support users to develop their own unique applications for ships.”

The new RockFLEET M2M data module is a low-cost point of purchase option, and is installed at the factory, without changing the size or shape of the compact (13cm diameter / 4cm high) RockFLEET unit. Integration with on-board equipment is available using a variety of serial protocols, whilst RockFLEET’s open API ensures data in any format can easily be delivered to the users own applications.

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