What’s NEXT at Rock Seven

  • August 17, 2018

The Iridium NEXT constellation that’s nearing operational readiness later this year offers customers higher bandwidth, while still maintaining robust pole-to-pole coverage and complete backward compatibility with all existing Iridium devices. Specifically:

IoT Compatibility - SBD is fully supported by Iridium NEXT. As a result, low-cost IoT devices covering the operational needs of government, research, corporations and even individuals will continue to be developed and supported throughout Iridium NEXT’s lifetime. Most importantly, ALL existing devices that Rock Seven customers own and operate will continue to function as normal.

Next Generation Broadband - Certus is the new Iridium NEXT based L-band broadband allowing for email, web browsing, social media and voice calls from land, sea and air assets. Certus’ broadband speed debuts at 352kbps but will eventually reach 1.4Mbps. 

More Choices for our Customers

Rock Seven’s products and services are based on low-cost COTS hardware and open source software - it’s the philosophy that has made Rock Seven one of the most trusted names in the satcom business. This won’t change. 

As mentioned previously, Rock Seven’s SBD-based RockBLOCKs will be fully compatible with the Iridium NEXT constellation. We look forward to helping you integrate RockBLOCKs into the growing number of IoT devices, from buoys to balloons. Iridium NEXT is also fully compatible with RockSTAR, RockFLEET and RockAIR products which are used in mission critical applications all around the world. 

Iridium NEXT’s Certus broadband is opening up an amazing new world of possibilities. It will provide faster speeds for broadband over satellite. Historically we have concentrated on SBD-only applications, but going forward we will also be offering cutting edge Iridium products such as the Iridium GO, Extreme Push to Talk, and Certus broadband. And of course, we’ll be here with all the advice and technical know-how you need to help integrate them into your mission or project.

With Iridium NEXT’s broadband in place, Rock Seven developers will capitalize on the next generation of satellite broadband communications. In the meantime, want to learn more about how SBD communications and existing Iridium NEXT applications can help you achieve great things? Email us at support@rock7.com!

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