Transmitting sensor data back from extremely remote locations with Gill Instruments

  • June 27, 2017

Rock Seven offers users the ability to connect to all Gill meteorological sensors, taking key data on a regular basis and transmitting it over satellites at an affordable price.

Collecting data from extremely remote systems is now becoming commonplace, and there are a number of existing GSM/GPRS services which allow this. However, they assume that there is some form of mobile network coverage, whereas a lot of extremely remote installations are far from civilization or in areas where there gaps in the mobile network coverage.

Now, there is a way to collect data from your remote sensors regardless of where the systems are installed, using the global network of Iridium satellites and the RockFLEET's M2M/IoT ability.

Alongside the meteorological data, the Rock Seven ‘RockFLEET’ unit also transmits position data – particularly useful where installed on buoys or other equipment that may move position either accidentally or by design. By getting regular position reports, you can receive early warnings if your equipment is moving off-station. RockFLEET is designed to provide global tracking and M2M/IoT (Machine to Machine / Internet of Things) data communication from anywhere in the world.

For more information please read the Gill information bulletin here.

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