1st Place Best Photo GSBC 2016: NESLAB Project of Spain

  • October 11, 2016

We would like to offer our congratulations to NESLAB who have won the best photo competition in GSBC 2016. They are a college student working group that designs, builds, and launches high altitude balloon platforms to develop near space activities such as earth and space observation within the framework of the UPC Space Program. They use our RockBLOCK product to provide near real-time telemetry from their balloons in order to check their health, and locate the units when they come back to Earth. 

" We use RockBLOCK as the main localization system of our HABs. We use other systems (GPS tracker, radio transmission...) but RockBlock + GPS 8M is the best way to have a constant GPS position and recover properly. " - Cortés Fargas, Marc

And it's great that they can find them when they get back to Earth - because look at the photos below, quite beautiful!


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